Do you struggle with addiction?  Are you close to someone who is an addict?

You’ve now found someone who understand your situation….and can help you find a successful outcome.  Meet Jane Bartels, a former addict who is now fully recovered and helping others to heal.

Jane Bartels describes herself as the most addicted person she has ever known.  She led a completely consuming life of addiction for three decades….and like many addicts, brought the nightmare down around her family and all those close.  For Jane, it took a long, long time for her to figure out a way to break free from the struggles of alcoholism and bulimia....but she did find a happy and healing end to her story.

Jane helps others successfully overcome their addictions, whether drug, alcohol, eating, gambling or similar.  There are commonalities in the root cause for each of these, and she works with an emphasis on support, structure and collaboration to guide clients to a successful outcome.

Jane understands what real life is like, and knows traditional methods aren't the answer for everyone.  And thus she make sure to customize each client’s plan as there are personalities, family situations, and external factors that make each situation unique.

“Recovery is becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.”


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Read Jane Bartel’s personal story of her family‘s journey through alcoholism to reconcilation.

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Recovery Through Balance

The heart of my Recovery Life Coaching Practice, called Recovery Through Balance, is an approach which stands on the cutting edge of therapy because it combines therapy and coaching to help clients...
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